dP   dP d88  d8888b. MM'""""'YMM M""""""""M MM""""""""`M
                  88   88  88      `88 M' .mmm. `M Mmmm  mmmM MM  mmmmmmmM
.d8888b. .d8888b. 88aaa88  88  .aaadP' M  MMMMMooM MMMM  MMMM M'      MMMM
88'  `"" Y8ooooo.      88  88  88'     M  MMMMMMMM MMMM  MMMM MM  MMMMMMMM
88.  ...       88      88  88  88.     M. `MMM' .M MMMM  MMMM MM  MMMMMMMM
`88888P' `88888P'      dP d88P Y88888P MM.     .dM MMMM  MMMM MM  MMMMMMMM
                                       MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM

Welcome, curious apprentice.

I wish you the most enjoyable stay in this traning arena.

Here, you will find a set of challenges that will help you tune your spells.

The type of magic we perform here is very powerful, but also very hard.

Please take absolutely your time in the challenges,
you are here to learn and improve.

Experiment with conjurations out of your comfort zone.
Find new and creative ways to crack our problems.

Forget about your exams and responsibilities. They don't matter.

This is the time to make a deep dive into yourself,
and come out of the abyss with an elevated mind.

Learn to read the elder languages of the sands;
Dare to bend the machine to your will.

Whenever you are ready, click on the button below.

Good luck, young sorcerer.
May you find many flags.

I am ready.